Our Company

Sozo is a limited liability company that has designed an infrastructure to deploy environmentally sound, high energy-producing biomass and/or WTE systems along with other complimentary renewable energy technologies globally. Sozo has established strong banking and private funding relationships with renewable energy financiers. It also maintains secure relationships with commodity buyers and sellers.

Sozo has built its renewable energy business with an immediate focus on biomass, biofuels and WTE. Sozo's technology, banking and engineering relationships have been key components to developing Sozo's business model, which focuses on:

  1. Marketing and selling proven gasification- and pyrolysis-based systems to its third-party clients and customers.
  2. Developing, constructing and operating brownfield and greenfield energy projects by assembling the financial, legal and engineering backbone to an underwriting package our bankers require.
  3. Developing and operating a power marketing and trading enterprise in organized energy markets in the United States.

Sozo peels back the layers of potential issues before they occur, introduces a clear plan of execution, oversees the quality assurance and maintains control from the initial phase of the sales cycle to the final installation and startup date of the new biomass or WTE facility. Sozo's partners include gasification and pyrolysis manufacturers, specialty generator manufacturers, front-end processing systems designers and engineers, and other consultants that combine with Sozo officers to provide full turnkey biopower and biofuels sales, development, installation and operations services.

Our Team

  • Robert Bailey Managing Director of Business
    Development and Finance

    Robert is a highly motivated and successful serial entrepreneur. As a college student, he established a successful chain of dental laboratories and invented and patented a tool which is still widely used in the dental profession. Robert's next venture was in the advertising industry, where he built and owned an advertising agency that managed a $600 million annual portfolio. Robert has also been involved in the automotive industry for the past 32 years. He owned multiple dealerships and was elected by his peers to serve on the National Advisory Board of Nissan. He also was on the board of the Texas FDAF which controlled a $20 million advertising budget. In addition, he was a forerunner in the lead generation industry, which he has now expanded into the social media arena. Robert first became involved with renewable energy in 2006 with a biodiesel plant in Romania. This soon galvanized Robert's interest in renewable energy, and together with the rest of the Sozo management team, he brings his entrepreneurial, marketing and deal-making skills to this venture.