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Introduction to Sozo Renewable Technology

The problem of waste removal is worldwide. However, nowhere is it felt more strongly then in nations who do not have modern waste removal systems installed to effectively control the amount of waste produced by it�s developing economy.

Sozo proposes an integrated system to take any type of carbon based waste and convert it into useful commodities, such as renewable energy and fuels, and increase recycling and composting to comport with client's goals and requirements.

Sozo Renewable, LLC ("Sozo") is a BioEnergy project development company. We produce renewable energy and fuels from woody biomass, MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), agricultural waste and other similar feedstocks ("Feedstock") using best-in-class commercial pyrolysis technology.

Key Facts

  • Sozo's modular system is made up of 20 ton per day ("TPD") modules. Each module processes 20 TPD of Feedstock into sufficient syngas to produce a minimum of 5,000 liters (1,300 gallons) of biofuels per day. Residual waste heat is captured for parasitic load with 1.5 to 2.0 MW/h (net) of electricity remaining for onsite use or delivery to power producers or a local utility.
  • Biofuels produced can be renewable diesel, gasoline or bunker fuel.
  • This technology has been commercially deployed a dozen times, and Sozo is in the process of developing numerous projects globally to utilize its technology.
  • Residual solids (biochar) produced approximately 3 TPD. Can be pelletized into briquettes for use as a fuel or used as a fertilizer or soil amendment.
  • Production of power and fuels creates compelling economics, even in regions with low power prices. Additional benefits include RINs and RECs (in the U.S.), carbon credits (where available), and tipping fees (depending on the Feedstock).
  • Each 20 TPD module needs only 1,000 square meters (10,000 SF).
  • High, efficient output coupled with ultra-low emissions from technology.
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